Automated Infrastructure

Using our custom Iocane Micro-OS™, our intelligent runtime environment, Moxie RTE™, and our hyper-converged Null-Tier™ Architecture, Piston delivers a fully-distributed execution environment that manages services across multiple servers.

Curated Components

With this solid foundation, we selected a limited set of enterprise-grade offerings for software-defined storage, networking, and virtualization. This allows us to ensure that the integration between these key infrastructure services is rock-solid, and also frees us to focus on making sure that the install, upgrade, scale-out, and fail-over experience for our customers is flawless.

For storage, we selected Ceph™, the world’s leading open source software-defined storage fabric. Piston OpenStack enables the orchestration of policy-based management of physical drives. You can read up on the details of our use of Ceph for both block and object storage, as well as orchestration of local ephemeral storage.

KVM is the most popular open source hypervisor for OpenStack® deployments. We have extended KVM with Virtual Memory Streaming (VMS), to support true live migration and memory oversubscription.

Unmodified OpenStack

Okay, “unmodified” may not be entirely true. We’ve redesigned the OpenStack dashboard for a more pleasurable user experience, but every API is stock OpenStack. We believe Piston OpenStack is the last OpenStack product you’ll ever try – because it’s simply amazing, not because you’re locked in.

Plan Your Pilot

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